About Us

Where the Soul’s Aspiration & the Artist’s Inspiration
flow out into Form, Colour & Texture.

Artisan Saga is an online store for the lover of art & beauty, where the form, colour & texture are interwoven and brought to life by the creative craftsmen through their inspiring work. Handpicking the best from the finest hand, we curate Handloom Sarees in Pure Fabric, that are classic expression of our rich tradition & culture, reflecting the wonder of our diversified weaves & styles, each with their distinctive character.

Handloom is a dying skill, rapidly being replaced by Power-Loom. For power-loom produces fast & at cheaper rates. Power-loom productions are merely a six yard of fabric, hardly personalised, all workers are just a part of the machinery, a mechanical system where repetition is the saviour & uniqueness brings doom. As masses are drawn to the attraction of low rate, left with no choice, many weavers have unwittingly adopted power-loom but still there are quite a handful of humans in the remote areas who refuse to give up their tradition and what they stand for.

Struggling to make their ends meet and fighting for survival, to make a handwoven saree,  the whole family sweats it out, taking turns to weave so as to increase their output and earn more money. Not only is everybody collectively involved in the job work but also are equally responsible in the running of their family unit. Not only this, a weaver has his / her own creative inputs to offer in the making of a handwoven saree. And there’s no limit to his imagination either! It’s a team work. And finally it also gives them an opportunity to interact directly with the buyer, giving them exposure of a different world making them grow too. These weavers are small entrepreneurs in their own right and as such they command & deserve dignity & respect.

Born creative, they inherit the skill from their forefathers. It runs in their genes. To be forced to comply with the changing face of the society is not something they need. They want to stand upright with dignity, holding on to their identity. And so they refuse to give up their inheritance!

Today, in the fast pace world of multitasking, where hi-tech is the new mantra, Handwoven Saree, to stand their ground, need to make a powerful statement & create an impact.

This is where we come in.

Spanning the length & breadth of the country by road, we strive to bring the marvels of our weavers within easy reach. . During our Road – Journeys, we’ve visited small towns & villages in pursuit of talent & skill, and, met local artisans & weavers, interacted with them. Our eye for beauty & detail has been able to discern & handpick their lovely and unique creations... Each piece selected by us has its special uniqueness and personal touch, its own story to tell. Our interactive communication with the local craftsman helps us to understand in depth the effort behind his/her creation thus enabling us to appreciate intelligently and to truly value its worth. Our collaborative efforts is now providing them the means to sustain the handloom weaving and encouraging their younger generation to not only adopt the family skill but to take it forward through developing complex designs & fusion of styles through the use of computers & internet.

So when you drape a handwoven saree, remember, it is not just a Six Yard of Fabric that you drape, but you embody somebody’s thought process, somebody’s creative skill, and moreover a family lives & tradition thrives empowering millions!

Though only 3-Years old, Artisan Saga has been able to Establish Its unique identity in the arena of Handwoven Traditional Authentic Sarees.

We Keep…

Classic Banarasi Weaves
Paithani Weaves in Cotton & Silk
Zari Kotas, Maheshwaris & Chanderis
Sarees, Dupattas & Stoles
Costume Jewellery


 Our Recent Flagship Addition is…

Our Own Creation of Miniature Art inspired
HANDPAINTED Sarees with influences from
Pichwai Art.