Classic Paithanis, a Heirloom to be Cherished

Owning a few Paithani Sarees in the closet, is a must, for all lovers of traditional classic drapes. Drape as light or as heavy, motifs & designs are varied befitting all occasion types. And therefore one is not enough! More on this in the next blog. Stay tuned. For now…

An authentic handloom weave, these Paithani Sarees are from Maharashtra and are age old, more than 2000 years old! This craft dates back to Satvahana Dynasty (2nd century BC – 2ND century AD) So you can say its quite an ancient weave! This fact alone makes it a cherished possession, to be treasured and passed on from generation to generation as it’s a heirloom! 

With so many years of history behind it, it has changed its form numerous times, has evolved in terms of material & motifs. The creative mind is never at rest & thus the zeal to present something new & different leads us to introduce new motifs and colours. Sometimes even fabric changes. We now have a large spectrum of design available.

But as the saying goes, “Old is Gold” After a while, the curiosity for the past evokes interest in history & tradition.  Fashion comes back. It has a cycle. Today this, tomorrow that! Old & new, both have their place & significance. They co-exist. Some people say, the purity  gets lost, what you used to get back then you don’t get now! True and natural. Change is constant, nothing remains same for stagnation causes foul smell! When the old generation passes, the hand that weaves also changes. It’s not a machine, its human hand with its own ability & skill. The new hand, the new mind will create differently, try different things to meet new challenges of society.

And that’s precisely why the handloom & handcraft is so valued.  What we get now, we won’t get next year because now the changes are more rapid. As the skill of the meticulous craftsman wanes away in the face of commercialism, the only way to save this is to develop refined senses that can discern and appreciate the fine craftsmanship. If we ask for it, we will get it but there’s a price for it. The weaver needs to feel encouraged, needs to take pride in his piece of creation.

And this is where Artisan Saga plays its role. We, at Artisan Saga, ensure that whatever we pick is the best & authentic traditional classic weave produced by the finest hand. From the weaver that knows and has lineage behind from where he / she has inherited this age old art of Paithani weaving!


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