Paithani Sarees


      The glory of Maharashtra

      Paithani saree, is indeed an owner's pride, with its rich luxurious weave, it is an integral part of the Bridal Trousseau.

      The weaving technique is complex, its lustrous sheen comes from natural colours used with gold & silver dip, the silk used is the finest from South India, Motifs are inspired by figures in Ajanta Caves, and are generally lotus flowers, peacock, parrot designs.

      These Paithanis in their vibrant hues are mesmerizing & even today in many Indian households these are considered as precious heirloom that are passed on from generation to generation.

      For a saree lover, Paithani is a must to possess, and more so for a Cotton lover for traditionally Paithanis were only made in cotton but with passage of time & due to their high cost, the Paithanis evolved into silks. At ARTISAN SAGA, we believe in picking up the best from the finest hand & offer Paithani sarees in their varied motifs in silk as well as in cotton.

      28 products

      28 products