New Patola Sarees


Dress to Perfection in our exquisitely woven New Patola Sarees in Single Ikat

Available in Cotton, Cotton Tissue and Silk, these Rajkot Patola Sarees  are a perfect dream drape for all season... Woven using the finest of cottons to keep you cool,  Cotton Patola Sarees are comfortable & artsy and compliment the summer vibe. Cotton Tissue Patola Sarees, woven with zari and cotton yarn have a festive sheen and make a unique party drape. Silk Patola Sarees made from Mulberry Silk from South are universally loved and ever popular and are as silky smooth and soft as butter, while the Semi Patan Patolas though woven like a Single ikat Rajkot Patola simulates and uses the same thickness of silk as a Patan Patola.

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