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Innovatively Handcrafted and Handpainted Saree inspired by Miniature Art of India

We introduce a series of artistically hand painted sarees expressing an inner aspiration and thus named, ‘THE INNER CONNECT’, inspired by Miniature Art. 

Here, the Six-Yard finds a new expression. Each Saree is a unique Canvas, depicting an aspect of life from the perspective of a deeper consciousness, and has been given its own name. For example, ‘The Fortress’ depicts the trap & the way to freedom that awaits only those who dare to become a warrior, fighting their desires & greed.  

Quite a few Sarees are accentuated with quotes from Indian Poetry to deepen the inner connect with what the Saree depicts & the experience it evokes.

Inner Connect Sarees are innovative as they bring together Indian Miniature Art, Poetry & Philosophy in a creative way that expresses the soul, while using pure handwoven fabric. Moreover, a subtle connection is established between the artist, the creator & the wearer as they resonate the same aspiration.

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