Weave a Dream

 Banarasi Silk Sarees, using versatile weaving technique, is an embodiment of creative splendour... Rich exotic zari, using a hint of real gold, plating it on silver,  interwoven with the most luxurious silk yarn, simply make its feel & texture irresistibly silky soft & smooth on skin... No wonder, Banarasi Weave rule the kingdom of warp n weft! 

Cross cultural influences have enriched the Banarasi weaving and there’s virtually nothing that Banaras has left untouched giving varied weaves from other states their unique Banarasi identity. Banarasi Bandhani, cutwork Patola, Paithani motifs are being woven in Banarasi weave. Moreover, so many other fusion styles are being developed here creating interest for the more adventurous! 

But a traditional Banarasi surpasses all, leaving you spellbound with its glorious array of weaves and styles! Standing their ground in the glamour world, Banarasi woven fabric is much sought after by the fashionistas. Banarasi weaves are numerous and equally grand! Mesmerising design forms are created having complex design structure & intricate motifs. Woven in varied styles by different weavers with specialised and dedicated skill,  the weavers too take pride in their work as these are an expression of magical dreams interwoven with their life!


Jamdanis from Banaras are truly exquisite and by far one of the most expensive weave! Superior to the Dhakai Jamdani, these are given different names according to the predominant colour of the body.  Like, Pitambari if the base is yellow, Nilambari if it is blue, Shwetambari for white & Raktambari for red! 

Jamavar Tanchois made using satin weave, reflect the Persian influence in their design structure which is an intricate pattern of foliage and are simply delightful.

Kim Khwabs are loaded with zari where you do not see the base fabric. To visually feel these itself is a breadth taking experience!

Shikargahs  are intricately woven hunting scenes. These are noteworthy expressions of meticulous craftsmanship and naturally leaves one spellbound! 

Bootidar & Jungla are also some of the popular styles of design forms native to Banaras along with their different Handloom weaving techniques like Kadhwa, Phekua, Kariyal, Cutwork... 

Sona-Rupa for Gold silver, Zari, Resham are the terms used to describe the yarn type... A banarasi is woven on multiple types of fabric! Katan silk, ghicha silk, tusser silk, jute silk, tusser silk, bengal dupion, muga silk, satin silk, kora silk, silk tissue, cotton silk, cotton, Georgette, silk georgette. The zari used is silver and copper and plated with 2-3 Gm of gold. When a silk saree is woven without any zari, it’s called a Resham Saree and when there’s some use of Resham with the zari, bringing colour to the form, then it’s called Meena. And when there’s no Meena and the visible colour of zari is both gold & silver, it’s called a Sona - Rupa saree. 

Woven in the religious city of Varanasi, these banarasis have a mystical aura around them making them a class apart! It takes a craftsman anything from weeks  to months to weave these exotic art miracle. A treasure for the grandma to pass on to the new generation, these have been and always will be an heirloom! For these handwoven Banarasi speaks of our history, of our culture, of our rich tradition and bind us to our roots... 



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