I’ve often heard stories of the old times where the artist worked to express his / her inner aspiration & produced exquisite work from the deep recesses of his / her soul and yet never left their name on it! Indian Miniature Art has always been an expression from the deep recesses of the soul.Theseare beautiful colourful handmade paintings in miniscule scale with intricate and delicate brushwork giving them a unique identity. In Rajasthan school of painting, Ragamala Paintings are another such expression. Ragamala painting, as the name suggests, is agarland of Ragas where each Raga is personified & has its own distinctive character & story, has its own form, colour & mood, elucidating different seasons & time at which a particular Raga must be sung…

The artist enjoyed patronage and could give undivided time needed to complete even a tiny piece requiring intricate and delicate brushwork. However, in the humdrumof modernity & the rat race attitude the artist’s aspiration & expression has been lost impoverishing our finer sensibilities & refined aesthetics. Today, in the stress to make ends meet, the artist is unable to produce works of art that touch one to the core.

 Artisan Saga, an online store of exquisite collectibles, endeavours to nourish these dying Art forms. Through on-road travels we reach out to remote and lesser known artists and bring their marvels into the public eye, within easy reach. Though only 2-years old, Artisan Saga has established its unique identity in the arena of Handwoven Sarees.

In pursuit of talent, skill & soulful expression, we have interacted with several artists & identified a few who, though producing mundane commercial paintings, have not yet lost the inner connect. However, they lack the means to express it. Our creative collaboration with such artists is now providing them the means as well as the language to connect with modern urban clientele.

The first of the series of THE INNER CONNECT handwoven and hand-painted sarees by a Miniature Painting artist is being launched by us. This series is dedicated to Lord Krishna & each Saree has a theme - a philosophy of life expressed through the symbolism of the painting as well as quotes from Indian poetry. The concepts are Artisan Saga’s, the skill is of the artist. Through this launch we also seek commercial viability so that it becomes a sustainable project for the artist as well. This is a pilot project to evaluate the response based on which we aim to provide steady income to the artist while retaining his independence.

THE INNER CONNECT gives a new expression to the Six-Yard. Each Saree is a unique Canvas, depicting an aspect of life from the perspective of a deeper consciousness, and has been given its own name. For example, ‘The Fortress’ depicts the trap & the way to freedom that awaits only those who dare to become a warrior, fighting their desires & greed. The entire Saree evokes an experience in the one wearing it and those viewing it.

THE INNER CONNECTSarees are innovative as they bring together Indian Miniature Art, Poetry & Philosophy in a creative way that expresses the soul, while using pure handwoven fabric. Moreover, a subtle connection is established between the artist, the creator & the wearer as they resonate the same aspiration.

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The walls of the Fort form The Border with its Architectural Arches as openings in the wall. Within the wall, on the Body of the Saree are all the Royal Garments representing all the riches of the World. Handpainted in Miniature Art Style, the aanchal has the strong face of the Warrior against the backdrop of the Fort-Wall and in front stands the Queen, free and independent… symbolizing that when one is lured to the riches & luxuries of life, one is caged within.


The carefree joy that comes from absolute Surrender to the Divine is expressed here in the form of Krishna’s Raasleela with gopis (Krishna is depicted symbolically through the hands playing the flute). Handpainted in Miniature Art Style & Scripted with couplets from Meerabai’s Poem, ‘Mai To Saawre ke Rang Raachi’ on the Aanchal. The absence of Border is deliberate to express the free flowing nature of the Raas. The Lotus Motif in Water all over the Body symbolizes the Omnipresence of the Divine that gets reflected in the Body when absolute surrender makes the being translucent.


 Handpainted in Miniature Art Style with Twin Peacocks on the Aanchal, where one is a silent spectator & the other one is dancing… almost like Purusha & Prakriti. The same Dual mode is reflected in the Body through Floral jaal in Half n Half style using two different colour schemes. The Purusha mode is expressed through the monochromatic earthy shade of ochre yellow-brown & Prakriti mode, being the Executive Force, is depicted in vibrant hues of bright flowers.


This Saree expresses the Divine (here, Lord Krishna shown as Divine) being behind everything & all Creation, reflected through the modern buildings & Krishna’s hand holding the flute while blessing the world. A few lines from Sri Harivansh Rai Bachhan’s famed poem, Neerh Ka Nirmaan Phir Phir’, are scripted on the Aanchal to reinforce the concept of destruction as a prelude to New Creation. And this New Creation is shown unfolding itself, depicted through the outlined backdrop on the Body of the Saree.


Handpainted in Miniature Art Style Scripted with words (from the Artist) on the Power of Sound & Music, the Saree expresses Music & Musical Instruments as Human Embodiments with Soul & Feelings. The Border is Floral, indicative of bountiful Nature playing along with the Music and finding expression in all Creation of Beauty.

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